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March 02, 2021 4 min read 1 Comment

Hands down, the most frequent question I field is "which solid shampoo and conditioner is right for my hair?" Everyone's hair is unique and has its own special set of requirements, but there are some general principles I discuss with every single person who requests guidance on the right combo. Whether your hair is straightfoward (figuratively, because literally I help a lot of curly/wavies out there with not one straightfoward hair on their head) and can find the perfect balance with one matching set, or you need a blend of the different options, we can usually find the perfect ones based on some simple questions.

This article will talk about the differences among our solid conditioners and give some direction as to which is right for your particular hair type. If you'd like to learn more about the solid shampoos, check out Part 1 of this article here: Which SHAMPOO is right for me?

Is your hair dry, coarse, high porosity, or processed?

If the answer is yes to any of those, then our heavier conditioners will be the way to go. The Aqua and Spirit conditioners work up into a thick cream when blended with water in your hair, and easily penetrate the hair shaft to restore moisture. They both use brocolli seed oil in place of silicones to smooth frizz and create a nice protective layer along the hair shaft, but are much easier to wash out and so do not present the same problem silicones can.

Aqua Aura Solid Conditioner: This conditioner is the heaviest, most moisturizing conditioner we offer. It is considered the king of clumps among the curly community and blends super easily with water to make a nice thick cream. It features Mango Butter and Babassu Oil, which give great emoliency, but are not as heavy as other commonly used butters like Cocoa and Shea. So, while it is heavier, it does wash out decently well (although, if you are like me then I usually leave a little in on purpose). It contains a healthy dose of vegetable derived keratin, which matches the protein your hair is made up of, to add structure and enhance your natural curl/wave pattern. This conditioner is best for those with hair that constantly seeks moisture (higher porosity), loves protein, and is on the coarser side that can handle heavier conditioners without getting weighed down.

Spirit Aura Solid Conditioner: This conditioner creates a nice thick cream when blended with the water in your hair, although it is not quite as heavy as the Aqua. It features a really great combo of conditioning agents that offers a clean, smooth washout. It contains Mango Butter and Argan Oil, which are both great emollients that are on the lighter side. The proteins in this conditioner are flax, which helps smooth the cuticle of the hair shaft (taming frizz) and quinoa which helps support and replenish the structure of the hair shaft which may be stressed due to processing like dyes or heat styling tools. This conditioner is best for dryer hair that likes moisture, but that may get weighed down with something heavier like the Aqua. If your hair has been exposed to dyes or heat styling tools, this conditioner will help repair and replenish as well.

Is your hair fine, easily weighed down, or could use some volume?

Our lighter conditioners are best for finer hair that likes a conditioner to detangle and protect it, but has a tendency to get over-moisturized or weighed down with heavier creams. The Apple and Angel conditioners are similar in that they do not contain butters, but only lighter oils like argan and babassu, and offer really great washout while detangling fine strands.

Apple Aura Solid Conditioner: This conditioner features fresh apple hydrosol, quinoa protein and rice protein. The quinua protein helps support the structure of the hair shaft, helping to enhance natural curl/wave patterns while rice protein gives a bit of a lift to the hair adding in some extra volume.

Angel Aura Solid Conditioner: This conditioner is light, with great slip for detangling fine strands. In this one, the rice protein is amped up to really give volume to hair. This one is best for fine hair that gets weighed down easily, but would like a bit of lift at the roots.

Is your scalp dry or irritated, or is your hair more medium in porosity and density?

The Silver Aura Conditioner, much like the Silver Aura Shampoo has a few different use applications. It can totally be used as an every wash conditioner, blending the best aspects of the lighter conditioners with the heavier conditioners for a medium weight. Or, it can be used as a periodic treatment for scalp issues that pop up from time to time.

This conditioner is packed full of special stuff for sensitive, irritated scalps. It has kokum butter and moringa oil, which are lighter emolients often used to relieve dry, itchy skin. They work wonders on the hair, too, offering a special softness and bounce. Sea kelp extract offers a ton of minerals and nutrients to feed the scalp and balance the natural biome to help regulate oil production, which can help relieve symptoms of scalp issues. Oat protein soothes the skin and also helps replenish some structure to the hair shaft. The herbal blend with peppermint and tea tree also help keep the biome in check. So, if your scalp is extra sensitive and your hair likes a more medium weight conditioner, this will be your go to bar. If you prefer one of the other conditioners for your usual wash day, but do like to treat your scalp to something a little special, this one can be used as a hair-mask every so often. I detail the various uses of the Silver Aura Conditioner in this article: The Versatility of Silver.

I hope this explains the similarities and differences among the different conditioners. This is a general guide, so if you have any questions please feel free to email me to discuss your unique situation! If you've used one of these conditioners and want to add something about your experience, please leave a comment, write a review or send me an email- angela@silverstoneapothecary.com

Angela Mayorga

Alchemist and Owner


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August 23, 2022

Need some help determining which products will best suit my hair! I have fine hair, naturally blonde but highlights, hair is always dry and frizzy, itchy scalp, wavy, medium porosity and density. I’ve been advised to add more protein to my routine. And a clarifying shampoo and low poo.

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