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September 03, 2021 3 min read

No, I'm not talking about the metal, although I could talk a while about its amazing qualities if you get me started. The topic of conversation today is the versatility of our Silver Aura Shampoo and Conditioner. The Silver Aura duo is formulated for those with sensitive scalps that may become itchy, flaky, or otherwise tempermental.

The Silver Aura Shampoo is made with a bunch of natural remedies compacted into one convenient bar. Rhassoul clay and activated charcoal along with coconut and oat derived cleansers, are mild, but strong cleansers to deep clean the scalp's pores. Apple cider vinegar balances the pH of the scalp while tea tree, peppermint and cedar help combat any problem causing bacteria. The Silver Aura Conditioner packs a nice punch as well, with kokum butter and moringa oil to condition and repair the scalp along with oat protien to soothe. A fancy sea kelp bioferment is also added to balance the microbiome on the scalp and help restore the natural balance.

The Silver line may be your every-wash lineup if you struggle with these problems, but I find many of our solid shampoo and conditioner connoisseurs (me included) rotate these two into our routine every now and again to keep problems at bay.

1) Silver Aura Shampoo as a bi-weekly clarifier for curly hair

Our solid shampoos and conditioners are unique in that they are all formulated with the various types of curly hair in mind. That means there HAS to be a clarifying shampoo to cut through buildup and re-set our curls. Buildup happens for a number of reasons; if you use any type of leave-in product including (and actually, espescially) if you use any type of hair oil there will be build up along the hair shaft. If your water is mineral rich, there will also be some buildup that accumulates on the hair strands. This buildup will eventually cause your curls to lose some bounce and luster. Clarifying is a simple fix, and usually the answer to wash days turning out less than awesome. Instead of using a sulfate clarifier, which is common in the curly world, the Silver Aura Solid Shampoo is mild, yet super effective at busting through buildup. Like all our products, it is sulfate free, but strong enough to reset your curls and restore shine and bounce. I typically recommend using it once every other week, or once a week depending on how often you wash. If you wash every couple of days, throw it into the mix once a week. If you are one of those who is able to wash only once a week or so, then every other week would work.

2) Silver Aura Conditioner as a scalp mask

We do it for our face, right? Every week or so, we maybe mix up a little something, slather it on our face and let it sit. When we rinse it off, our skin feels soft, bright, and fresh. Our scalps are skin, too. And they deserve this same kind of love and affection. Even though our scalps are't visible to the world, scalp health is vital to our hair health. The Silver Aura Conditioner is perfect for feeding our scalps with vital nutrients. While the weight of the conditioner may not be what every hair needs on a regular basis, it's worth having in your arsenal to use as an occasional scalp mask. The way to do this is apply it to your hair like you would the other conditioners. Apply extra generously so that when you squeeze your hair, you see the cream forming and can catch it in the palm of your hand. Take that excess and massage it into your scalp. Let it sit on your scalp for 10 minutes or so while you relax in the bath, then rinse out. Follow with your usual conditioner.

3) Silver Aura Conditioner for scalp maintenance

Maybe the scalp mask sounds a little daunting. You can still benefit from the nutrient rich Silver Aura Conditioner by layering it into your routine. Every couple of weeks, just use the Silver conditioner first. Apply it to your hair, massage it into the scalp then rinse. Apply your usual conditioner on top!

Whatever your regular solid shampoo and conditioner lineup, the Silver Aura Shampoo and Conditioner could definitely have a place to give your scalp a little boost. Check out the mini Silver Shampoo and Conditioner to give them a try!

Let me know how you use these in your routine!

Angela Mayorga

Alchemist and Owner

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