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August 27, 2021 3 min read

The Angel Aura Solid Conditioner is formulated as a regular use conditioner for those of us who have finer hair that tends to get weighed down easily. It produces a thinner cream, but provides protection, detangles fine hair strands and adds a nice dose of rice protein.

Rice protein is an ancient and valued source of nutrients that is rich in amino acids. It adds shine, strength and flexibility to your hair strands, but the best attribute (IMHO) is how much VOLUME it adds! Rice protein contains large amounts of cationic amino acids that bind to hair. Cationic means it has a positive charge so lays along our hair strands. Rice protein also contains a large amount of anionic (or negatively charged) amino acids, which then repel the hair stands causing increased volume.

If you like the sound of volume, but don't necessarily fit the description for regular use of the Angel Aura Solid Conditioner, there are a few ways to still incorporate this into your routine.

1) Fine hair that normally does not use conditioner

I have found a lot of the Angel Aura Solid Shampoo users don't actually use conditioner. There is rice protein in the Angel Shampoo, so if you have short, fine hair and normally don't use a conditioner, you can get the volume benefits from just the shampoo. However, when your hair starts to grow out, the Angel Conditioner can be used just on the tips to help protect and add to that volume as your hair gets heavier.

2) Dryer hair that also wants a little extra volume

Does your hair need a thicker conditioner, like the Spirit or Aqua conditioner? Yeah, me too. I have medium-ish density hair that tends to be on the dryer side, so I typically use one of the heavier conditioners. I hadn't really considered using the Angel Aura Conditioner, because I didn't think my hair stats really meshed well with its intent. But, I have been successfully using the solid conditioners as leave-in for a while now to get even more away from plastic waste and decided to layer the Angel Conditioner on top of the Spirit as a leave-in. And it is awesome! The moisture is still there, but wow the volume is amazing!

To try my method, use your heavier conditioner as normal, then wash out. I usualy don't wash it out completely, but feel free to experiment. While your hair is still soaking wet and in its nice plump clumps, run the Angel Conditioner through each one and do not rinse out. Then, style however you normally do! I typically top with a lightweight gel.

3) All hair types during the refresh

Have you tried using the solid conditioners for a refresh yet? Sometimes, I use the bars instead of our leave-in cream or serum.  For refreshing your curly hair, you typically want to use a lot of water and a much lighter styling product. The Angel Aura Solid Conditioner is perfect for this use. To refresh, I spritz water through my hair to make it evenly damp. Then, run the bar under warmish water and swish it around in my hands until I feel the conditioner starting to form. With the bar in one hand, I gloss over my hair using praying hands to evenly distrubute throughout. Sometimes, I add a little water to my hands and gloss that through, too. Scrunch, then air dry or diffuse! And boom, maximum volume!

If you'd like to give these methods a try, check out our Travel Size Angel Aura Conditioner or the full size Angel Aura Solid Conditioner.


I'd love to hear how any of these ideas work for you and what your experience is with the Angel Aura line!

Angela Mayorga

Alchemist and Owner


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