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November 07, 2023 5 min read

We are on a mission to eliminate as many plastic bottles in your bathroom as we possibly can. Our solid hair care has become a staple in the showers of many curly-haired individuals (and straight-haired friends who love high-quality hair care). Our hand and body soaps have an enthusiastic following. And now, our solid skincare line has expanded to meet even more of your skin care needs!

We now offer three different types of solid face cleansers and moisturizers, along with a solid face exfoliator. These solid bars work on the same principle as solid hair care: Each bar is the concentrated, active ingredients of a face cleanser, moisturizer, or exfoliator, that combines with water on your skin to create the product! You can replace a 12 oz plastic bottle or jar with each bar. 

Each formula is pH-balanced to protect your skin's barrier and is free of soap, sulfates, and silicones. We use only clean, plant-based ingredients that are non-pore clogging. For scent, we use a touch of pure essential oils or no scent at all. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between the lines and which ones will be best for you.


Moonstone is formulated to be the most hydrating cleanser and moisturizer we offer. This pair is great for dry skin that craves moisture. It works well with aging skin to cleanse without stripping and moisturize while adding nutrient-rich goodies.

The Moonstone Cleanser is made with gentle coconut-derived cleansers that melt away dirt and oil while leaving skin soft and supple. Mango Butter and Babassu Oil offer a nice, creamy feel to the lather and provide nourishment.

The Moonstone Moisturizer is rich and creamy to satisfy parched skin. The star ingredient is Baobab, which is added as both an oil and a hydrolyzed protein. The Boabab is an iconic African tree called the "tree of life". These trees can live for more than 2,000 years! It can store large quantities of water to survive the harsh, dry climate. Ancient folklore suggests that water infused with baobab seeds gives strength, good health, and good fortune. 

In protein form, baobab is broken down into tiny molecules that penetrate deep into the skin layers. It is known to defend skin against UV stress and helps repair damage from the sun. It works to maintain healthy, supple skin with nourishing amino acids. In oil form, baobab is a silky smooth emollient that helps lock in moisture. It works to heal and prevent dry, chapped skin.

Both the Moonstone cleanser and moisturizer are scented with a hint of Indian Frankincense essential oil. Frankincense has been used for thousands of years and is known for its sweet, woody aroma that is calming and grounding. In skin care, it is perfect for calming dry, irritated skin and can help tone and lift.


 Aventurine is a new addition I formulated to meet the needs of those with combination skin. Typically, combination skin will have an oily T-zone and dryer areas around the cheeks and chin. This can also apply to those who have in-between skin or who may shift from oily to dry depending on the seasons, but never reach one full extreme or the other. Aventurine is made to balance and nourish.

The Aventurine Cleanser is made with coconut and apple-derived cleansers for an extra mild skin feel. Blueberry seed oil and Kukui nut oil help repair the skin's barriers.

The Aventurine Moisturizer is silky and smooth. A constellation of star ingredients in this moisturizer makes it extra nourishing and balancing.

Blueberry seed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, tocopherols, carotenoids, and antioxidants. It contains a high percentage of alpha-linolenic acid, which balances the over-production of oleic acids in those oily areas.

Kukui nut oil is an interesting emollient perfect for combination skin. It contains an amazing blend of linoleic and linolenic fatty acids to help repair the skin's barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss. This means it helps balance oily skin tendencies while also helping dryer areas of the skin retain hydration. 

Hydrolyzed rice protein also plays a key role in the Aventurine Moisturizer. You may be familiar with rice protein from our Angel Solid Shampoo and Conditioner which it is used to increase the hair's elasticity and strength while providing volume. In skin care, rice protein leaves a smooth, dry feel on the skin while also increasing moisture retention for a more elastic surface.

Both the Aventurine Cleanser and Moisturizer contain blue tansy and bergamot essential oils. This scent combination is not only mesmerizing and uplifting, but is effective in assiting combination skin. Blue Tansy essential oil clears congested pores, calms and repairs skin, and balances skin tone. Bergamot essential oil is slightly astringent and can help prevent breakouts. We use a variety that is bergaptene-free, so it will not cause photosensitivty.

A note about the color: No pigments were used to acheive the teal color of either of these bars! It comes from a combination of the colors of the blueberry seed oil, which is a vibrant, bright green, and the blue tansy essential oil, which is a deep, dark blue.


Obsidian is made for sensitive, oily skin types. Everything about these formulations works to control over-active oil production without irritating skin sensitivities.

The Obsidian Cleanser is made with coconut and oat-derived cleansers for a soothing lather. A special emollient derived from olives ensures excellent wash-off to clear excess oils without irritating the skin's barrier. Activated Charcoal is a deep pore cleanser to clear congestion.

The Obsidian Moisturizer is a lightweight texture that provides hydration without increasing oil production activity. The star ingredient of this formula is high-linoleic safflower oil, which helps offset the over production of oleic acids typically responsible for excessively oily skin. Squalene derived from olive oil is virutally identical to the sebum found in a healthy skin barrier, and helps protect the skin. Oat protein acts as a hydrating film former that soothes skin and helps trap in water without adding to the oils. 

Both the Obsidian Cleanser and Moisturizer are unscented, although have a slight nutty aroma from the ingredients themselves.


Quartz is a solid exfoliator that can be used for all skin types. It is formulated to give a mild lather while delivering a gentle exfoliation.

This product contains actual quartz crystal ground into a super-fine powder with rounded granules so it exfoliates away dead skin without damaging your skin's outer layers.

Exfoliation should be done 1-2 times a week at most. Incorporating this ritual into your skin care routine will help revitalize dull skin, removes stubborn blackheads, and minimizes pores.

The design of the Quartz Exfoliatoris different from the other solid skin care bars. Each box contains three half-spheres that equal the same weight as one full cleanser or moisturizer bar. Since the exfoliator is not used as frequently as the bars, this extends the freshness of the other bars since you can keep them in the cabinet while you work on one small bar at a time.

Thank you for meeting the full lineup of our new Solid Skin Care! If you have any questions about which ones are right for you, please email me. You can reach me, Angela, the Alchemist, at angela@silverstoneapothecary.com





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