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February 21, 2023 4 min read 2 Comments

Using solid shampoo and conditioner bars is super easy for the majority of their life span. Eventually, though, the bar will get small and you will have tiny pieces to work with.

I equate this with the last little bit of shampoo or conditioner in a bottle... it doesn't come out quite as easy as when the bottle was full. You have to tap it against the palm of your hand at increasingly more forceful rates. Then, remember to prop it upside down hoping gravity will bring that liquid to the opening. Lastly, you add water and shake it up to make sure you get every last bit.

The same goes for the last little bit of your solid hair bars. You may have to change your method to use it all, but the good news is you don't have the plastic bottle to contend with. Once your bar is all used up, there's nothing left!

This article will demonstrate 3 methods of using the little pieces of our solid conditioners.

Method 1: The Pinch and Glide

As the bar gets smaller, the amount of hair you are working with at a time should decrease as well. I like to take the piece of conditioner and pinch it between my fingers and the section of hair as I glide down. Or, I put the little piece in the palm of my hand and grasp it along with the hair to glide it along.

This works until the piece gets really small. Then, you have options. You can either smash it into a fresh new bar (The Smash & Go) if you have it handy like I demonstrate in this article, smash it into your hair and work it in (The Smash & Gone), or proceed to one of the following methods.

Method 2: The Shake and Spray

This method requires a small bottle with a spray top. If you are reusing a bottle and top from another product, make sure to wash well with hot (preferably boiling) water and spritz hot water through the spray top until it is coming out clean.

Take your little pieces of solid conditioner and break them into tiny bits. Add them to the jar, then fill it up with hot water. Shake it up! It will take a while for the conditioner bits to fully dissolve in the water. So in reality, shake it for a bit, let it sit, shake it some more.

I heated some water up for this demonstration; the water temperature was at 140 degrees. If you boil water, let it cool a bit to avoid messing with the preservative too much. That being said, once this has been mixed up, toss it after a few weeks or if you notice any changes to the smell. Then, clean out your bottle and save it for next time!


This spray is handy for a curly hair refresh, or a leave in detangling spray. I like to use this as I style to add in more water with a little hydration kick.

If you don't have any bottles to repurpose, you can find these online, of course. I have also seen bottles like this available at our local natural foods store in the bath and body section. The top is called an atomizer or spray top.

Method 3: The Mix and Slather

Slightly more advanced than The Shake and Spray, this method requires a small jar-like container and a mini mixer. The result, though, is a thick, creamy consistency that is exactly what the conditioner would be if it were bottled up.

First, break your conditioner pieces into tiny bits and place in the bottom of the jar. Cover with hot water (I used 140 degree water). If you are eyeballing it, think about covering the amount of conditioner bits by 4. If you have a scale, weigh the bits, then times it by 20. That's how much water you should add (in weight).

For example: I weighed out .05oz of Aqua Aura Solid Conditioner bits. I added 1 oz of hot water.

Once you have your water and conditioner bits, use a mini mixer to blend it together. It should start to emulsify and thicken. As it cools, it will become thicker.

Mini Mixers are very inexpensive (around $10) and can come in handy. You can find one online by searching for a milk frother. You could try to do this with a tiny whisk, but the emulsification (how the solid bits blend with the water) won't be as homogenous.

You can use this cream like you would a liquid conditioner. I like to use it as a mask, especially with the Silver Aura Solid Conditioner: it makes a nice scalp mask.

Bonus Method: The Soak and Slide

As I'm writing this article, it occurs to me that I haven't addressed a common question: How to use the Mini Conditioner Bars. While the Pinch & Glide are what I normally suggest to first time users, there are occasions where that just isn't working. Something I have suggested has helped ease new users into the methods of working with solid conditioners.

The Soak and Slide. If you are new to solid conditioners and are having trouble getting your Mini Bar to turn into cream in your hair, try soaking your bar in a small dish of warm water for a few minutes before you use it. This loosens it up a bit and makes it much easier to Pinch & Glide if you haven't quite yet perfected the technique.

All of these methods will have videos released on our Instagram and Facebook, so be sure you are following us there if you want to see them in action.

I hope these methods have helped you on your journey to using every last bit of your solid conditioner! If there's a method you use that is different from what I covered, please email me and let me know!

Angela Mayorga

Alchemist and Owner




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February 22, 2023

Thanks for answering a question I’ve had for quite awhile!


February 22, 2023

Great ideas here for the little bits at the end of the bar’s life. My favorite is the Smash and Go (lol) but I really like the idea of making a cream out of it. Thank you!

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