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Quick Dry Diatomite Bar Tray

This tray is made from diatomite and is 100% biodegradable. These can be used for any of our solid bars for hair, face, or body.

The diatomite material quickly absorbs the water from your bars so that they can dry quickly. The tray itself dries super fast, too!

These are fantastic to extend the life of your bars and keep your shower tidy.

Measuring 5" x 3', a tray can fit a set of solid shampoo and conditioner, a set of face cleanser and moisturizer, or one bar soap.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Danielle Belshee
Keeps my things dry

I love these stones. I was having a problem keeping my soaps from staying wet, drippy, and sticking to the holder. I have one for my Shampoo and conditioner and another for my up lifting body soaps (also from Silver Stone)

Carol King
No more messy bars!

I have been using the bamboo bar holders since I first began using shampoo/conditioner bars and it works well. However, it still leaves bar residue that gets caked on there. It's a pain to have to continuously scrub off the residue. With the new quick dry dynamite soap tray I purchased 2 months ago, I haven't had to clean it at all. And it is still clean. My bars do not end up mushy and yucky because the stone wicks away the water immediately so it cuts the mess by 98%! I never realized how much product is wasted by sticking to the holder until I started using the quick dry bar tray. I would recommend this, and every product, that Silver Stone has to offer! I can't rave enough about this company! I just love them! They never disappoint ❤️

Love this

fits in the shower nicely, I love how it keeps the bars dry in-between each use