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May 10, 2022 2 min read

Soap making is really what started it all.

I still remember the first batch of soap I ever made. I used way too much patchouli essential oil, all by itself, and wow did I love it. The first time I used that bar of soap to wash my hands, I reveled in the moment.

Honestly, before then, I did not pay attention to the simple act of washing my hands or body. It was just something that I did because, hygiene?

After I became a hobby soap maker, though, I paid attention every single time I lathered up. I would think to myself,  "Is there a difference in this combination of ingredients? How does this scent hold up on my skin?" I came to live in that moment, to be truly present during the act of washing myself.

I was hooked!

I knew I wanted to share that moment with others. Not *my* moment, exactly, but I wanted others to, just for a moment, think of nothing but the feel and the scent of the washing ritual.

The soaps I make have taken many forms over the years, but for the longest time, they have been inspired by crystals and gemstones. For the past 5 years, the soap line has been called the "Gemstone Hand & Body Soaps".

And while the name did capture the design aspect of the soaps, they mean more to me than just the aesthetic resemblance to gemstones. I picked the scents to correspond to the meaning of each stone to bring you that special moment.

So this month, I am re-introducing the soap line to you as the "Inspired Clean" Hand & Body Soaps.

Each soap is named and designed after a gemstone and associated with a special word to inspire your daily cleansing ritual.

The back of each label features this word and a couple of sentences to tie the stone and the scent back to that word so that you can infuse this inspiration into your routine however you like!

My personal favorites right now are the Bumblebee Jasper and the Rose Quartz.

As a small business owner and full-time mom, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and like I'm not doing *enough*. The Bumblebee Jasper inspires strength and confidence, and reminds me that I am enough. It reassures me that I'm taking the right steps and on the right track to be who I want to be. Lathering up with this enchanting scent enhances that inner confidence.

The Rose Quartz sits at my kitchen sink readily available for the numerous hand washes I engage in throughout the day. Every time I use it, I think to myself of what is bringing me joy in that very moment. It's important to meditate on all that is right in life, and remember I have so much that sparks joy.

Take a moment and look through the new line of Inspired Clean soaps and see which words resonate with you!

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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