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January 08, 2022 4 min read

We've become known for our solid shampoos and conditioners formulated for all different types of curly hair, but do you know the story behind the bars? The solid hair care line is called "Aura Hair Care" and each set carries names like Aqua, Spirit, Silver, Angel and Apple. These are actually all named after different types of Aura Quartz crystals and are vibrantly colored to match. The meaning behind the name of the line goes deeper than aesthetics. I'd like to share with you how aura quartz crystals inspired me to create a solid hair care line using clean chemistry for all the unique types of textured hair.

What is an Aura Quartz crystal?

Aqua Aura quartz crystal cluster

 Aura Quartz crystals are different types of quartz which have been enhanced with various metals to produce a magical, ethereal shean in amazing colors. There is some debate in the crystal community whether these constitute "real" crystals. No, you won't come across an aqua aura quartz crystal like the one pictured above on a rock hounding expedition, but they aren't synthetically produced either. This is a very similar argument in the "all-natural" community about various ingredients which are derived from natural sources but enhanced through modern chemistry. I'll do a deep dive into my views on this in a later article, but for now, let's talk about how these aura quartz crystals inspired me to create our soid hair care line.

Aura quartz crystals are created by a process which electrostatically bonds precious metals and verious minerals to the surface of a crystal to achieve various irridescent effects. They aren't dyed or lab-grown crystals, they are just made into something even more magnificent through modern alchemy.

How I Became a Modern Alchemist practicing Clean Chemistry

I started my journey into formulating hair and skin care as a bit of a purist. Looking back, this came from a lack of knowledge of cosmetic chemistry and a realistic definition of what natural really means and if it is in fact better for us. I learned about the aura quartz around the same time I was trying to formulate hair care from "all-natural" ingredients and it lead to a breakthrough in my education. Sure, I can clean my hair with soap and put coconut oil in it, but it is NOT going to look good. It is actually going to be damaged and lacking hydration despite it being "all-natural".

I enrolled in a course in cosmetic chemistry and learned so much about our skin and hair and the necessary components to a working product that will fulfill our needs. I learned that not all ingredients enhanced in a lab are bad or damaging, but that modern chemistry working with nature provides us with really amazing ingredients that allow our skin and hair to look their best. Of course, there are synthetic ingredients that I absolutely avoid for different reasons, but not being able to pronounce something does not mean it isn't safe and effective.

In order to formulate a working solid shampoo and conditioner, I had to expand my understanding. I learned to work within a new parameter of what was safe, mild, effective and jived chemically. Through modern alchemy, I learned to practice clean chemistry to formulate with natural ingredients that have been made even more magnificent.

How Our Hair is Like Our Aura

Growing up I had no idea my hair was curly. I was adopted as a baby and my mom had stick straight hair with no curly hair experience. She thought my hair was just a little wonky, so brushed it straight. Only, it never stayed straight and only continued to get more wonky as a I got older. I thought I just had bad hair so I spent hours blow drying it and straightening it only for it to frizz out and get thrown in a pony tail. My hair was a source of embarassment for me. I lacked confidence in my appearance.

And I have talked with so many of you who share this story. This feeling like your hair was just blah.

I know appearance isn't everything, but when you know you look good you feel good. For curly haired girls, our curls are our aura, unique to each individual. When my hair is on point, I exude confidence.

Figuring out how to wear your curly hair naturally isn't always easy. It takes time and patience to know what your hair needs to look its best. Our conditioners and styling products work by leaving a fine layer on our hair to coat it, nourish it, and enhance our natural curl pattern. No product is going to make straight hair into ringlets, but the right products can compliment what you have going on naturally to make it even more amazing.

These products are like that electrostatically bonded precious metal layer on the aura quartz. The process won't turn an ordinary rock into an aura quartz; you have to start with something beautiful in and of itself. The thin layer adds a magical component to bring out its very best.

If you need help choosing which Aura Hair Care bars are best for your unique hair, feel free to email me and ask!

Angela Mayorga

Alchemist and Owner

Silver Stone Apothecary


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