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July 11, 2022 4 min read

Every week when I go to take the trash out, it always surprises me just how much trash our family makes!

Our shower is completely plastic-free. You won't find any shampoo, conditioner or body wash bottles. We exclusively use our solid shampoos, solid conditioners, and body soaps.

The bathroom counter is almost plastic-free. No face wash or moisturizer bottles. We use our solid face cleansers and moisturizers

There are 6 people and 5 animals that live in our house, not to mention all the outdoor animals (like our 30+ chickens and 12 newly arrived baby turkeys), so expecting to be completely waste free is just not even a goal I'm trying to attain.

But I know there are areas I could definitely improve.

So, this month, I'm making some simple swaps to reduce the amount of single use items I use in my daily life.

I'd like to share a few of the brands I'll be using who are small, independent, US makers that have a similar goal to Silver Stone Apothecary. These businesses are dedicated to helping you make simple swaps to reduce waste!

Mama Suds

MamaSuds "creates truly safe soaps and household cleaners for ingredient savvy familes" (from their website). Michelle, owner of MamaSuds is dedicated to helping you take care of your household and family with "naturally-focused, non-toxic products that are free of synthetics" (read more on their about page). They offer a full range of household cleaning products for your bathroom, kitchen and laundry. While they are all eco-friendly and great alternatives to your standard commercial cleaning products, there are two plastic-free products I love!

(photo from www.mamasuds.com)

Toilet Bombs Cleaning Tabs

This plastic-free products is great for cleaning your toilet! They are like bath bombs for your toilet and add a little fun to your bathroom cleaning routine. You just drop one in, let it fizz and work some magic, brush out with a cleaning brush, and you're done!

(Photo from MamaSuds.com)

Laundry Stain Stick

This is a solid, plastic-free bar of stain remover magic! It's made with simple, safe and effective ingredients. I haven't used this yet, but it has great reviews, and should replace the big plastic bottle of commercial stain remover!

Wendy Barnes Design

The next business I want to highlight is new to me, but I LOVE the message and mission behind the business. Wendy Barnes handmakes products that replace single use items in your daily life AND donates to conservation partners working to support wildlife (read all about it here). Each of her fabric designs are made from her original pen and ink drawings and a portion of each sale is donated to organizations helping the animal pictured. I ordered two items and cannot wait to use them!

(photo from wendybarnesdesign.com)

Monarch Butterfly Utility Towel

I have a serious paper towel problem. When my oldest was a baby, I was so on top of using cloth towels for everything, but as the years went on (and there were more kids), I reverted back to paper towels. I'm working on it.

This towel is really promising! It has an extra durable and absorband design so can replace tons of paper towels between each wash. It has an elastic hook design making it more convenient and accessable.

I got the monarch pattern because I love butterflies :)

(photo from wendybarnesdesign.com)

 Koala Snack Bag

My girls are all about the snacks. And since we don't do a whole lot of pre-packaged foods, that means I have to put them into something to take with us. These little snack bags are a great size for the portions they usually eat, so I'm super excited to try this. It is machine washable, water resistant and has a food-safe lining.

And the Koalas are adorable!

Eco Millennials

Maria from Eco Millennials makes great reusable alternatives to every day items as well! We partnered with her back in May for our Create Magic Monthly box where she provided us with sample sets of her awesome reusable facial pads. Her shop is full of items that you can use to replace single use items, but here are my two favorites.

(photo from ecomillennials.com)

These 100% cotton flannel face pads are so soft! They work so well with makeup remover, toner or micellar water (like this limited edition one we have here). Our subscribers that received these back in May absolutely LOVED them! They replace cotton balls/pads or disposable face wipes.

(photo from ecomillennials.com)

The Unsponge

This is a great alternative for regular sponges! They scrub really well and hold up for a long time. They can be used, then washed, then used again far longer than those green and yellow kind. Plus, they come in super cute patterns!

These little changes can really make a huge impact. I know I'll see the difference every week on trash day. If you're like me and have room to try a new swap, please check out these businesses! In addition to reducing our own waste, we'll be supporting small, independent, US makers and that really makes me happy.

If your shower still has platic bottles lining the racks, then start right here to replace your hair, face and body care! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on which bars are right for you!

Have a Happy Plastic-Free July!

Angela Mayorga

Owner and Alchemist

Silver Stone Apothecary






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