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July 26, 2019 4 min read

Grounding is the act of reconnecting your spiritual energy to the earth to be truly present in the moment. It seems most people, despite our vast differences, can unite over the feeling of being very busy in our daily lives. It can become common to live in our heads, constantly reflecting or analyzing the past or planning and projecting into the future. It can even become a sort of defense mechanism to consciously choose to let your thoughts travel down some vein rather than actually engaging with the present. I am guilty of this; when I have the most to do I tend to find myself paralyzed, where I get stuck in a thought loop of planning but always end up emotionally drained without having actually accomplished anything of significance. In order to combat this anxiety amplifying tendency, I have found 3 simple grounding exercises that can be practiced daily to push through this blockage and dissipate anxiety. I can quickly re-engage with the present where life is really lived through any one of these exercises, or can combine them for a deeper recharge.


Finding the ground beneath your feet can seem a banal task, but when is the last time you took of your shoes and actually felt the grass between your toes and the dirt on your soles? The concrete jungle where most of us reside is not conducive to nurturing the energy flow between our bodies and the earth. In order to re establish this energy flow, simply take off your rubber-soled shoes and find a patch of grass, dirt or stone on which to stand. If your space permits, take a barefoot stroll on the earth. Pay attention to how the earth feels on your feet, how the wind feels on your face, and how the different sounds around you play on your ear drums. During this exercise, we are really focusing on stimulating the root chakra, the energy center at the base of our spine that governs our sense of safety and security in this world. Energy flows into and out of our bodies at two places; the root chakra and the crown chakra at the top of our heads. For an immediate grounding experience, place a hand over the top of your head to literally bring you and your thoughts back down to yourself. Just 30 seconds to a minute of holding this posture will be instantly and insanely calming.


I know we have all heard at some point or another to just take a deep breath. Deep breathing really does help calm the body, but I like to practice a 4 count pattern to make sure I am breathing as deeply as possible. When I find myself scattered, spacey and anxious I notice that I am engaging in shallow breathing; just enough for survival. To correct this, breathe in for a count of 4 (a slow count), hold for 4, and exhale for 4. Moving in to more of a grounding meditation, start to visualize a bright, warm, white light at the top of my head. As you inhale, visualize that light traveling all the way down your spine to the root chakra, to your base. When it arrives there and you are holding that breath for 4, see that light turn red. As you exhale for 4, feel the warmth of that red light burn bright. After 10 cycles of this breath pattern, check in with yourself and see how you feel. To take this grounding meditation to the next level, continue with your breathing pattern and as you start to feel that root chakra burning bright, visualize a strong, dense root emerging from the base of your spine and digging down into the earth. On every exhale, see and feel that root digging deeper and deeper into the root. Play with the construction of this root, maybe it is a tap root digging far into the ground to become an immovable force. Maybe it is a strong network of underground runners that is impossible to overcome. It's your root, your choice. Once you feel your root is securely established, slowly come back to the present and check in with yourself.


My favorite amplification tools for energy work and life in general are essential oils and crystals. There are many different essential oils and crystals that emanate grounding vibrations, but my favorite for this purpose are patchouli and red jasper. Patchouli instantly connects the mind to dirt. You can spice it with some cinnamon, brighten it with ylang ylang, or combine it with woodsy oils like cedar or fir. Crystals that are associated with the root chakra and grounding energy are strong stones like hematite, obsidian, and petrified wood. Red Jasper is my favorite, though, because it also embodies a sense of invigoration, helping energy flow through the body breaking up stagnation, which can definitely manifest from a sense of insecurity and anxiety (remember my mental paralysis problem from earlier?). My go to blend for grounding work is our Temperance essential oil blend. This blend of patchouli, bergamot and spiced vanilla is earthy, bright and nostalgic really bringing together all the elements needed to inspire grounding.

Temperance Essential Oil Perfume Roller

Temperance is a grounding essential oil blend and crystal combination to combat anxiety

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