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September 30, 2019 3 min read

3 Signs the pH level of your facial skin is off

I frequently speak with individuals who have problematic facial skin despite a dedicated skin-care routine. Typically, these individuals are sure to wash multiple times a day and follow up with moisturizers or serums. When we dive into the specifics of the products used on the skin, there is a familiar culprit; the pH level of their facial skin is being altered with the very products they are using.

The pH scale measures how acidic or how neutral something is and ranges from 0 (very acidic, think battery acid) to 14 (very alkaline, think drain cleaner or lye). The skin on your face likes to be in a pH range around 5.5 to perform its functions optimally. It is here that the ecosystem of our skin is able to maintain the acid mantle, which is the protective barrier on our facial skin that keeps bad bacteria at bay, our skin hydrated, and operates as a defensive mechanism against pollution. (Read more here) You may not be aware of the exact pH of your skin care products, but there are three huge indicators that what you use to wash your face is far too alkaline and is disrupting your acid mantle.

 1. Your face feels tight after you wash.

It is common to associate that tight feeling with a true and thorough cleansing. But in reality, this is the biggest sign your face cleanser is too alkaline and has disrupted your acid mantle. The most common culprit is soap. Detergent soap, handmade soap, liquid soap; all are alkaline by their very nature and while they do a great job of cleaning, are way too harsh for your delicate facial skin. Your skin may feel soft at first, but the long term damage has only just begun.

2. You have dry or flaky facial skin.

Despite your devout daily use of moisturizers and serums, you have parched skin overall or develop dry or flaky patches. When the acid mantle has been disrupted by an alkaline culprit, it decreases its ability to maintain appropriate hydration levels within the many layers of the skin. This will cause overall dryness, potentially making fine lines and wrinkles more visible. Even though moisturizers are being used, the acid mantle is not able to retain the moisture throughout the day.

3. Your skin is prone to breakouts or inflammation.

If you have a decent diet and follow a regular skin care regimen, but still suffer breakouts and inflammation, it may be because your acid mantle is out of equilibrium. Breakouts, specifically the various types of acne, can happen for a wide variety of reasons, but if you are using an alkaline cleanser (soap of any type) on your skin, this is definitely exacerbating the problem if not causing it altogether. One of the main functions of the acid mantle is to protect your skin from breakout causing bacteria which thrives in a higher pH. So by altering the pH level of your acid mantle, this bacteria is able to get in and wreak havoc while your defense system is down.

If any of these signs sound familiar, you may want to make a change your skin care routine. Nurturing the natural defense mechanism of your facial skin will reward you with a more consistent, confident complexion. A pH balanced cleanser will leave your skin feeling supple, soft and should have a low foamy lather more on the creamy side. Our facial cleansers were designed with the pH and the needs of different types of skin in mind. Click the pictures below to find out which one would be best for your skin care needs.

Moonstone Magic Solid Facial Cleanser: Best for normal to dry skin

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