Palo Santo Bundle Cleansing Kit

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Cleansing Kit Includes:

Palo Santo Sticks: Our Palo Santo is a holy wood ethically and sustainably harvested. This wood is often burned to cleanse the ambient air around you. With a match or lighter, light the end until it starts to smoke. Waft the smoke around you and set in a fire-safe dish.
Clear Quartz Tumbled Stone: Set your intention with this crystal so that when you see it or hold it, you are reminded to focus on the present moment and what is important to you. Use this along with the other tools to train your mind to focus where you want, rather than wherever your mind tends to wander.
Affirmation Sticker: Place this sticker in a prominent location as another visual aid. You could place it on the cover of a notebook, your mirror, a water container or anywhere it will be visible to you throughout your day.