May Box: Growing beyond my limits

Our lives are like personal gardens and a reflection of how we tend to ourselves on a daily basis. We may feel limited by the container to which we have grown
accustomed. We are ready to be planted out in the open space so our roots can spread and we can really reach our full potential. Let’s set our good intentions, nourish our sprouts, prune our limbs, and replenish what we give so that we can grow beyond our limits.

Box Includes:

Wildflower Seed Bombs: Wildflowers are resilient and beautiful. Once established in an area, they continue to bloom year after year as long as minimum conditions are met. Plant these in a small patch of soil, outside or in a planter, to remind yourself of this wonderful cycle. These seed bombs are handmade in Idaho by Free Mountain Designs.
Ceramic Planter: Use this planter for a small plant or for trinkets that remind you of your personal growth plan. These ceramic planters are handmade in Florida by O Yeah Gifts.
Green Aventurine: This stone is known as the stone of abundance. Set your intentions with this crystal so that when you see it or hold it, you are reminded that you have everything you need to grow.
Affirmation Skicker: Place this sticker in a prominent location as another visual aid.

I NOURISH MY SKIN Solid Lotion Bar 1.5 oz bar
Give your skin the nourishment it needs with this solid lotion bar. Just like watering your garden, add water to the little sphere of goodness and glide all over your body. Take the time to massage in and enjoy the fresh, green and earthy scent designed to take you right out to the greenhouse. 

I PRUNE SO I CAN GROW Solid Body Scrub 1.5 oz bar
It seems counterintuitive, to cut and prune away parts of the plant. But by cutting back some of the limbs, the plant is able to grow stronger. As you scrub away the dead skin from your body, think about the things that could be pruned from your life to allow you more energy to put into your personal growth.

I REPLENISH WHAT IS GIVEN Cuticle Oil 10 ml Roller Bottle
The soil provides nutrients to the plant, and in turn, a good gardener replenishes the soil so it can continue to give. You provide energy for others in your life and personal replenishment is important to continue that cycle as well. Use this oil on your cuticles, or any rough skin that could use a little extra encouragement.

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