I REVEAL MY LIGHT Exfoliating Face Mask

As you continue refining your vision and fleshing out the details that spark turns into a consistent light. The stronger it gets, the brighter it will be.

Mix together one tsp. of the mask powder with about 1 tsp. of water, or enough to get a mud-like consistency. Apply it to your face in a thick coat avoiding contact with your eyes and eye lids. Let sit for 10 minutes or until dry. Take this time to work on that vision of yours imaging it getting brighter and brighter. Rinse off your mask, rubbing gently to exfoliate the skin as well. Then, reveal your light!

Ingredients: Moroccan lava clay (Rhassoul clay), Carbo activatus (Activated Charcoal), Cocos nucifera fruit (Coconut milk powder), Tapioca maltodextrin (Derived from Yuca Root), Acacia fiber

1.5 oz in a mylar pouch.