I Call Upon My Inner Strength: Perfume Roller

As problems and thoughts arise throughout the day, we must actively combat negative beliefs about what will come to be. When you feel your thoughts slipping and your imagination crafting a future you do not want, grab your perfume roller and roll wherever you will be able to access the scent. Bind the warm, slightly spiced scent to positive projections about your future to take charge of your reality. You possess the strength to craft the future you desire.

Scent Profile: Warm & inviting. The scent of these items embodies fall spices. Notes of cardamom, cinnamon, golden amber, cedarwood and musk blend with crisp apple, ginger, and vanilla.

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Parfum (pthalate and paraben free)

This item is part of the November Box: Everything always works out for me