Taking time to think on your place in this huge, amazing earth is really humbling. If you have a forest nearby, spend some time among the trees. If you have a field of grass nearby, spend some time in the blades of grass. You can feel both how small you are and how big, but most of all, how we are all a part of each other.
Sweet Grass Braid: Sweetgrass is a traditional medicine plant that is used for cleansing and purification. It symbolizes our connection to the earth and elevates our energy. To smudge with sweetgrass, light the end, then carefully wave it so it is burning just enough to release smoke.
Tree Agate Stone: This stone is said to contain the forest itself. The unique patterns will remind you of the infinite variations of nature and keeping it close will help connect you with nature’s vibes.
Cotton Facial Pad: Reusable pads are a perfect replacement for cotton swabs or pads to use in your facial routine. Reducing waste is a great way to connect with nature.