Good Vibes Inspired Soap Collection

The sun energy is strong in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year!

That bright, healthy glow always brings a smile to my face and a boost to my energy levels.

The Good Vibes Inspired Soap Collection includes all the scents that bring that happy energy into the bathroom with you! With these bright, high vibin' soap scents, start your morning out every day reveling in the magic of the sun. Take a chance to relax and feel the good summer vibes.

The collection includes a full size bar of each of the following soaps:

Energize with Citrine: Citrine energizes and uplifts your mood! Give yourself an instant pick-me-up by  bathing in the sunny rays of citrus, berries, jasmine and a fresh squeeze of cucumber.

Relax with Amethyst: Amethyst serves to calm and bring tranquility. Relax with the fruity blend of peach, mango and an effervescent sip of champagne.

Be Serene with Aquamarine: Aquamarine evokes the peacefulness of the sea. Let the calming waves of citris, rose petals and jasmine inspire serenity.

Inspire Vitality with Ruby: Ruby is the life force to bring you back stronger than before. Restore your vigor with intense sandalwood and smoked patchouli softened with a hint of rose.