Down to Earth Mini Gemstone Gift Box Set

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This curated set of mini Gemstone soaps includes herbal, earthy, and musky favorites. All 6 original gemstone inspired mini soaps come uniquely packaged in a sleek, black tuck top box with an eye catching holographic sticker featuring original artwork and sealed with bio-degradable decorated tape. This gift is ready to go for  the herbal soap connoisseur.


Rubies Enraged: Warm sandalwood and smoked patchouli lightened with rose and a powdery finish

Quartz: Clean and crisp tea trea, tempered with spicy cinnamon

Moss Agate: Cedar, pine and fir  slightly veiled by a thin mist of eucalyptus

Turquoise Earth: Lavish lavender gently grounded with a hint of patchouli

Silver Mine: Bright orange, grounded with patchouli and spiced with cinnamon

Flourite Flow: Crisp peppermint and spearmint settle into a soothing lavender and vanilla