Cottage Comfort Collection

The Cottage Comfort Collection includes our favorite scents to bring in the Fall! Each scent is warm, soothing and inspires the satisfaction one gets by focusing on their own home. Enjoy the shortening days by by infusing these hand and body soaps into your daily rituals.

This collection infludes one full size bar of the following soaps:

Bumblebee Jasper: Inspires strength and confidence.Douse yourself in the scent of leather, bourbon & vaniulla and know you are everything you need.

Gold Ore: Reminds us we live in abundance. Revel in the decadent blend of vanilla, chocolate, honey & cinnamon. 

Silver Mine: Represents hard work and patience, encouraging you to perservere. Deep clean from your long day with the earthy blend of orange, patchouli and cinnamon, then get ready to do it all over again.

Ruby: The life force to bring you back stronger than before.Restore your vigor with intense sandalwood and smoked patchouli softened with a hint of rose.