Live in Full Bloom Inspired Soap Collection

This time of year is full of color and beautiful blossoms! The In Bloom Inspired Soap Collection includes our favorite scents to bring the beauty of the season into the bathroom.

Each soap features a bright scent with a word that is perfect to incorporate into your daily cleansing ritual to really capture the potential of Spring.

The collection includes one full size bar of each of the following:

Find Harmony with Opal: Opal brings harmony and renews hope! Let go of your worries as you bathe in the scent of blooming peonies on a bright Spring day.

Rejuvenate with Pink Opal: Pink Opal inspires youthful rejuvenation. Enjoy the tropical vibes of berries and coconut with a sophisticated twist of vanilla and amber for a reviving experience.

Be Serene with Aquamarine: Aquamarine evokes the peacefulness of the sea. Let the calming waves of citrus, rose petals and jasmine inspire serenity.

Spark Joy with Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is connected to your heart and brings joy into your life. Smile with this modern rose bouquet tempered with a soft, earthy blend of soage and incense.