Intuition Crystal Infusions Perfume Roller

INTUITION is light and floral instantly warmed with spiced vanilla mint. Lavender, Labdinum, Palmarosa, Egyptioan Geranium, Wintergreen and Marjoram along with the Amethyst stone, encourage balance at the Third Eye Chakra to connect us to our higher selves and inner perception while alleviating tension in the head.

IntuitionCrystal Infusions Perfume Roller is a concentrated blend of 100% pure essential oils suspended in golden jojoba oil. The applicator is a stainless steel ball and the blend is housed in a glass bottle for optimum purity and protection.

Apply as a perfume to the inside of wrists or on either side of the neck. For chakra support, apply at the third eye chakra to encourage the opening of your third eye to the spiritual realm where true understanding and manifestation occurs.

"Imagine, Perceive and Understand"

Intuitionis expressed by the sixth chakra, or the third eye chakra, located on the forehead between the two eyebrows. The third eye chakra can be developed through meditation to fully understand ourselves and our inner perception. This is where the physical realm connects to higher forms of consciousness. A balanced third eye chakra will be very intuitive, recognizing and understanding universal knowledge and that our individual expressions are actually all connected in oneness, all that there is. A deficiency in this area will cause difficulty in understanding the spiritual plane. Learning new things may be difficult and empathy, an understanding of how others feel, will not come easy. An excessively open third eye may be expressed by delusions of grandeur, and interaction on the physical level will be difficult. Intuition is the color violet, which is calming and harmonizing for the third eye chakra. It is scented with a mesmerizing essential oil blend of Lavender, Labdinum, Palmarosa, Egyptian Geranium, Wintergreen and Marjoram which has light floral top notes with an instantly warm, spiced vanilla like base note with just a subtle minty crispness.