September 28, 2022 3 min read

September is my FAVORITE transitional month of the year!

Summer has its looong days with plenty of time to work hard and play hard. As we transition into Fall, there's still work to be done, but the days are shorter forcing us to choose our priorities.

One of my personal virtues (and also vices) is that I LOVE to work.. I will literally work all day long on something. Even my "down" time is focused on productivity of some sort, like baking or learning a new hobby. If I don't force myself to slow down and reflect, I can easily get lost in the goal of doing more.

This month, I wanted to focus on that self-reflection and connection to our higher self. For the longest time, I have felt that my personal self-worth was measured in how much I can produce or accomplish. Now I know this is not the case, but it is an easy cycle to fall into. And if I am falling short of my ridiculous expectations, I feel alone and off track.

The truth is, when we connect to our higher-self, the universe, God, source, whatever you call that thing that connects us all, worthiness encircles us and we feel elated and full of love. When we can pause and live in the moment, we can truly trust that we are being guided along the right path.

The items in this box all contribute to feeling that connection; feeling guided, at peace, and fully able to embrace and express ourselves.

The scent profile of this box is a heavenly scent blend of honeysuckle.

Sometimes we can feel alone.
This may manifest as a perpetual state of busyness and anxiety. The truth is, we are not alone. We are divinely guided and need only to quiet the mind in order to hear what our guide has to tell us. Let’s focus on being present in our actions so we can develop the peace of mind that comes with knowing there is something bigger guiding us on our journey. Connect with our form of self expression to demonstrate our comfort in our own skin.Surrender to the energy of now to elevate our spirit and trust that our guide is leading us in the right direction.

I HAVE PEACE OF MIND Solid Deodorant
A couple of swipes of this solid deodorant reminds you that you are accompanied throughout your day. The soft and slightly sweet scent will float in and out of your senses to reconnect you with your divine guide. You can apply this wherever you would like a little added protection from the sweat of the day.

I EXPRESS MYSELF Shimmer Lip Gloss
When you feel connected, you feel free to express yourself. The subtle shimmer and flavor of honeysuckle give your lips a divine touch to lift your focus to your higher guide.

I ELEVATE MY SPIRIT Feather Light Hair Serum
This bi-phase, feather light hair serum is made to offer your hair the full protection and lift of your divine guide. The hyaluronic acid hydrates your hair and scalp while the kukui nut oil smoothes the hair shaft. Vitamins nourish and protect your hair while rice protein gives it a subtle but welcome lift. And the divine scent will elevate your mood!

Celestite is known as an intuitive guide stone. It clears away the chaos of anxiety and stress that can come from the overwhelm of being in a constant state of business. Put this stone where it will remind you to focus on the present, tune into your guide, and slow down to speed up.
There’s a saying that “when feathers appear, angels are near”. The gold dipped feather floats in to remind you your divine guide is always with you.

I hope you enjoyed the message of this box! If you feel like the September Boxcould add a little something to your life right now, I have a couple left at the time of this writing.

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