October 24, 2022 3 min read

Fall is finally here in the Willamette Valley and we are waking up to cool mornings, misty fog settling just over the ground, and overcast skies. This is the kind of weather that lends itself to sitting inside with a comfy blanket and a warm cup of something delicious.

It's a wonderful time to take pause and reflect on our shadow side; the darker traits we have that we keep deep and hidden away from ourselves and others. This month's box was crafted around the duality of light and dark; from the sweet and smoky scent of toasted marshmallow to the set of light and dark crystals.

This is the season where the veil between the worlds thins and we can peek behind the curtains. Let’s turn this energy inwards and face the aspects of ourselves we tend to suppress. We all have dark traits we keep hidden from ourselves, but without acknowledging them, they grow and fester. This month, let’s take some time to examine these aspects and what role they play in our subconscious minds. By facing them, we can become enlightened to our weaknesses, which will elevate our strengths.
Take a step back from ourselves and see how we can summon our true potential.Through this transformative time, our energies can be sensitive;
 Remember to stay grounded and stable while we work on ourselves.



We build walls around our dark traits to keep them under wraps. We refuse to look at them, pretending they don’t exist. This sets us up to become overwhelmed by them as they lurk and grow because we have not mastered them.

Scrub away these walls so we can take an honest look at what is there. On wet skin, rub the solid body scrub all over to exfoliate and wash away dead skin. Think about washing down the drain the defenses you have established so we can take our own power back.


Once the barriers have been scrubbed away, we must meditate on what we have revealed. Water is a wonderful place to think and reflect. Fill your bath and crumble a portion of this bar into the running water. Agitate the crumbles into the water to form big, luscious bubbles. Then, soak and reflect. Think about what you would like to manifest for yourself and feel that you can truly do anything you want in this life.

The formula for this solid bubble bar is something I've been working on for a long time. I am so happy with the longevity and fluffiness of the bubbles this bar is able to acheive without sulfates! The soft sweet scent of marshmallow is perfectly rounded and tempered with scent of campfire.


As we integrate this new information, we can elevate our intentions for ourselves! Revel in this transformative process by treating your skin to the velvety softness that comes with applying the solid lotion bar. On wet skin, rub your lotion bar all over to transform into a cream as it blends with the water. Massage in to hydrate, nourish and elevate!


This set includes a set of toasted marshmallow incense cones, two amazing crystals and the monthly affirmation and crystal art on a magnet.


 Incense Cones: These handmade incense cones feature our scent for this month, which represents the duality of light and dark. Toasted marshmallow starts off sweet on its own, but when lit with fire it “toasts” and presents a balanced blend. These are made by Anchor & Sway. More amaing blends canbe found at www.anchorswayco.com

 Indigo Gabbro: This crystal helps remind you to keep your dark side in your conscious mind so that you can face it and work towards mastery of yourself.
Desert Rose Selenite: This represents the light to keep you grounded, stable and charged to handle your transformation with grace. 

Affirmation Magnet: Put this somewhere you will see it to remind yourself of the lessons of this month. 

I hope you enjoyed the message of this box! If you feel like the October Box could add a little something to your life right now, I have a couple left at the time of this writing.

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