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June 11, 2021 3 min read

We opened the Mini Store at the beginning of this month with mini bars of our Solid Shampoos, Solid Conditioners, and Mini Gemstone Soap bars. Right away, I could tell it was a big hit! All the things you've wanted to try, but weren't quite ready to commit to a full-size bar were now accessible in small, usable chunks to put together your own sampler pack.

Then, I started seeing orders come through with a bunch of mini bars and affirmation stickers. It occurred to me that this combo would make great little gifts! I reached out to one of the lovely ladies who had put together such an order, and my hypothesis was confirmed. She was planning on going into work early and surprising her co-workers with a thoughtfully selected soap and sticker combo on their desk! How awesome is that?! I don't know if this is what everyone had in mind, but it inspired me to put together a Mini Gift Guide in case you want to do something similar. Maybe you have a group of people you'd like to surprise, or maybe you have a friend or family member who you would like to gift a small token that might resonate with their current circumstances.

I will highlight 6 different affirmation stickers and the soaps I would pick to coordinate. Of course, these are suggestions and not hard rules; you know your people better than I do! I also picked 3-5 different soaps for each sticker, but it would be a nice gift to give even just 1 Mini Soap with a thoughtfully selected sticker.


For someone who could use a little inner peace

"I am calm, I am still, I am peace" holographic affirmation stickerpairs nicely with the Aquamarine Mini Soap, which is fresh, clean and calming. The colors coordinate really well, too. The Turquoise Earth Mini Soap also matches colors, and is a nice grounding scent with calming lavender for someone who likes a bit more earthiness to their scents. The Moss Agate Mini Soap is a fresh, meditative blend like hiking through a serene forest. The Flourite Mini Soap is crisp and calming and has a nice color combination, too.

For someone seeking mental clarity

"My mind is clear, my heart is focused" affirmation sticker reminds us to stay present in the moment. It pairs nicely with the Flourite Mini Soap, which features an essential oil blend that is great for clearing the headspace. The Silver Mine Mini Bar is a more earthy, grounding blend to snap you back to the present. The Moss Agate MiniBar is crisp and clearing. The Opal is a fresh, spring floral scent that can remind one to stop and smell the flowers, so to speak.


For someone wanting to following their intuition.

"I am amazingly unique" holographic affirmation stickerreminds us that we are all special, individual beings and can trust our intuition. The Amethyst Mini Soap is bright and bubbly. The Pink Opal Mini Soap is deep and alluring. The Flourite Mini Soapis crisp and clear. All three of these coordinate visually with the sticker very well.


For someone who is focused on personal growth.

"I am growing beyond my limits" affirmation sticker is a great reminder to grow beyond your current situation. It pairs so well with the florals and the earthy. Opal Mini and Rose Quartz Mini are fresh, bright florals. Moss Agate and Silver Mine offer that earthy, garden scent. And Bumblebee Jasper Mini is a nod to our cute and ever-important bumbleebee pollinators.


For someone who wants to live in love.

"I am love" affirmation sticker sheetis full of stickers to remind us to approach our lives through the lens of love. It pairs nicely with the florals, and the heart colors. Opal and Rose Quartz are sweet florals. Peridot Island offers that green, comforting note. Amethyst and Pink Opal are sweet and smile inducing.


For someone who needs courage.

"I am confident and courageous" static cling reminds us we have the tools we need to conquer our fears and reach our goals. The Citrine Sun is a bright, uplifting choice that features the same crystal image. The spicy blends of Silver Mine and Gold Ore comfort that solar plexus chakra to encourage confidence. The Bumbleebee Jasper is warm and encouraging.


I hope you enjoyed my Mini Gift Guide! Feel free to venture outside of these recommendations- if you love one of the affirmation stickers for your person, but know they would enjoy a different scent than the ones I paired then THAT is what you should choose. But, I had fun thinking about the different combos I would choose :)

Angela Mayorga

Alchemist and Owner

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