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It is MAY and the sun is out, flowers are blooming and everything is green!

Well, usually that is the case, and it may be for you. But here in the Willamette Valley, we've seen rain and colder temps later in the season this year. We have a few sunny days every now and again, but I will admit I am much later on getting my garden started this year.

Luckily, though, it's always a good time to get outside and really connect with nature and remember our place on this big, beautiful earth.

I crafted the May box around this fierce Spring energy that pulls us outside, even if the weather isn't perfect. When we can remove ourselves, even for a few minutes, from the physical constructs of the modern world we can realize our connection to nature.

We have a personal power that derives from the oneness of it all and by immersing ourselves in nature, we can let go of the ego. Nature is abundant and in steady cybles of growth and renewal. By tapping into these cycles, we can harness our own power to flow toward abundance.

The items in the May Box are included to assist you in your pull to the outdoors.

The star ingredient this month is sweetgrass. This plant is considered a Holy Grass in many cultures including both Native American cultures and European. It has the sweetest herbal scent that is so rich and decadent.

I Clear My Energy Micellar Water

By clearing away any blockages you may have, you can connect to the natural cycles. These cycles correspond to a flow of abundance, just like the natural world.

Micellar water is made to cleanse your face quickly without having to rinse it off. Wet a reusable face pad or cotton ball with the micellar water and wipe over your face to feel clean and refreshed!

I know I spend more time outside as the weather warms, and after hanging out in the garden I get a little dirtier than usual. A quick wipe with this light micellar water is refreshing, cleansing, and exactly what I need in the middle of the day.

The sweet grass hydrosol in this water is soothing and will transport you to nature.

I Am Renewed After Sun Lotion

Spending time outdoors is a fantastic way to boost our physical and mental health. Whether sun bathing or forest bathing, our skin in the warmer weather is sure to appreciate a soothing, cooling cream.

Sweetgrass hydrosol and aloe vera are suspended in a creamy base that will make your skin feel totally renewed.

I got my first little sun kiss the other day and this cream felt amazing! It instantly soothed and cooled the warmth radiating from my skin.

I Am One With Nature Reflection Set

Taking time to think on your place in this huge, amazing earth is really humbling. If you have a forest nearby, spend some time among the trees. If you have a field of grass nearby, spend some time in the blades of grass. You can feel both how small you are and how big, but most of all, how we are all a part of each other.

Sweet Grass Braid: Sweetgrass is a traditional medicine plant that is used for cleansing and purification. It symbolizes our connection to the earth and elevates our energy. To smudge with sweetgrass, light the end, then carefully wave it so it is burning just enough to release smoke.

Tree Agate Stone: This stone is said to contain the forest itself. The unique patterns will remind you of the infinite variations of nature and keeping it close will help connect you with nature’s vibes.

Cotton Facial Pad: Reusable pads are a perfect replacement for cotton swabs or pads to use in your facial routine. Reducing waste is a great way to connect with nature.This set of 100% cotton flannel facial pads were made special for our box by Eco Millenials. For a full set of these super soft reusable facial pads visit their site here.

I hope you enjoyed the message in the May Box! If you're a subscriber, I'd love to hear how you used your box this month! At the time of this writing, we have a few extra boxes left if you'd like to dive deep into nature, and you can always subscribe to our Create Magic Monthly Box to receive a new theme every single month.


Thank you,

Angela Mayorga

Alchemist and Owner

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