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When I was younger, I totally had this mentality; if changes didn't happen quickly, then I didn't want to do it. The idea of waiting a year or more to see the fruits of my labor was just so overwhelming to me. I was hesitant to try new approaches to goals because it could take months to figure out if it was working. It's like I thought that time would never come or that I would be "wasting" time.

Now, I realize that the time passes regardless and trying new approaches systems to reach long term goals is really the only way to make significant change. Time is never wasted; it's all a part of your experience in this lifetime.

I think of March as a transitionary month. We've had some time to get used to the new year and find a new routine. If you set any resolutions for the New Year, they've probably fallen flat this time of year, and it's tempting just to give in to the tides of life that impose themselves upon us.

This month's box was put togther to remind you to be patient. Important changes take time and we can embrace the process as a little piece of our every day life.

The scent profile of all the items in this box is a refreshing blend of eucalyptus and cotton.

In our fast paced society, so many things are available to us on demand. Promises of overnight solutions to chronic problems are enticing, even though they rarely lead to long-term change. These messages flood our psyche and set unrealistic expectations for how quickly we should see results, so we often give up way before we should.

The real magic happens after small, repeated changes occur over a longer period of time than we may think. From day to day, there may be no measurable change, but if you keep going, and look back further down the road, you can see just how far you’ve come.

This month, let’s cultivate our patience. Let go of the impulse that wants results right now. Breathe in stillness and peace and know that small, manageable steps will lead you to your goals.

I WASH AWAY IMPULSE All-in-one Shampoo and Body Bar
This impulsive nature we have developed leads us to change course often and abandon strategies that take a while to implement. Let go of this tendency to try to satisfy your desire in the moment. 

Begin this meditation in the shower with your all-in-one shampoo and body bar. Wash yourself from head to toe and imagine washing away your impulses and settling into a more controlled, calm state.

Controlled, intentional breathing is known to steady the nervous system and create a more calm mental and physical state. While you are in the shower, use the opportunity to practice deep, controlled breathing. The shower steamers will envelop your senses with a calming blend of eucalyptus and fresh notes of cotton.

Set one of the shower steamer bars either on a low ledge or floor of the shower out of the direct stream of the water. The warm humidity will release the scent to give you an aromatherapeutic experience. Do not use these like a bath bomb; the essential oil concentration is too high for a full body soak, and is meant for ambient scent only.

Even when we know we are working toward something, impulsiveness and anxiousness can creep up throughout the day. Keep this perfume oil roller nearby to roll on your pulse points in moments like these.

The eucalyptus and fresh cotton blend will bring you back to your sense of stillness and peace and you will remember that you are taking small steps every day. You are patient and embrace the process.

I AM PATIENT Amazonite “Calmness” Stone
Amazonite is known as a stone for truth and hope. Its calm, gentle blueish green hues are reminiscent of a peaceful sea. The shape of this stone is usually referred to as a “worry”stone, with a smooth indentation perfect for rubbing your thumb over when you feel anxious.

Let’s refer to this stone as your “calmness” stone; reach for it when you want to feel a sense of calm and peace.

I hope you enjoy the message of this month's Create Magic Monthly Box! If you feel like you could use the tools in the March Box, there are a few left at the time of this writing.

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March 21, 2023

Having patience to achieve long term goals is so important. My personal challenge this month has been strengthening my short term patience. Your wonderful scents have been a reminder how important taking that breath before speaking really is. I’m very grateful for the reminder.

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