June 20, 2022 2 min read

June is well on its way, and planning trips is a big priority this time of year!

We've been sending out tons of mini bars for exactly this reason over the last few weeks, and this travel energy is really exciting. This time of year is the beginning of a new cycle, where we have way longer days and are carving out time to relax, let loose and have some fun!

The June Box was crafted around the idea of constant change and with that, comes new beginnings. It is important to flow with the cyclicle nature of life rather than resist. This box includes my favorite items to travel with and my all time favorite crystal: MOONSTONE!

The scent of this box is a magical blend of soft, sweet, woody notes with palo santo and mahogany.

I LET GO All-in-one Shampoo and Body Bar

Cleansing the body is cleansing the mind. As you partake in your daily cleansing ritual, wash away all that no longer serves you and prepare yourself for new beginnings on the horizon.

The All-in-one bars are a personal and subscriber favorite! They are perfect to take on trips and smell ah-mazing.

I WELCOME NEW THINGS Face Cleansing Powder

Cleansing the face is the first step to a new day! Pour a dime size amount of powder-to-foam cleanser in the palm of your hand, rub in some water then wash your face. It is a super easy to use face wash and works even if you have minimal water.

This bottle is the perfect companion for spontaneous trips. No spillage worries and you don't have to wait for it to dry out.


Engage your curiosity to keep your mind looking for new possibilities. If there’s something you’ve been wondering, take the time to look into it and see if it’s for you. This perfume blend is complex and mysterious. Roll it on to remind you to ask questions and seek new answers.

My purse always contains at least one roll on perfume; they are so convenient and easy to use for a little pick-me-up throughout the day.

MOONSTONE Pocket Stone

I LOVE moonstone so much. The irridescent beauty of the moon captured in this stone serves to remind you that you have everything you need to move forward.

Keep this stone nearby to inspire optimism about new beginnings and embrace the inevitable changes of life.

So, whether you are traveling this summer or have plans to stay close to home, embrace the changes and look for the magic in new beginnings!

I hope you enjoyed the message in the June Box! If you're a subscriber, I'd love to hear how you used your box this month! At the time of this writing, we have a few extra boxes left if you'd like to embrace new beginnings, and you can always subscribe to our Create Magic Monthly Box to receive a new theme every single month.

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