July 17, 2023 3 min read

We are in the midst of summer and it is getting HOT outside!

The days are long and it can be tempting to settle into lethargy as we struggle to cool down. This month, I want to focus on energetic activation as we stand strong in confidence and take ownership of our lives!

The July Box is crafted with stimulating ingredients that will activate you from the soles of your feet all the way up to your head. Each item is crafted with something cooling and exciting, like peppermint, menthol, and caffeine!

July has become a subscriber favorite because it is the month where I put together a foot-care focused box. This July, I did just that, except I upgraded one of the items to incorporate our crown chakra as well. Keep reading to see how this box serves you from root to crown and everything in between!

Our thoughts and expectations about circumstances play a huge role in the outcome. However, the hope of positive results in one’s head is not enough. To hold only hope is to leave your power unutilized. Optimism, though, embraces both confidence and action. The life we lead is a result of our thoughts and actions so let’s take hold of our own power. When you find yourself hoping or wishing, see how you can invoke optimism instead. Let go of stagnant or complacent energy that allows things to happen passively to you. Transmute your hopeful disposition into active optimism and transcend the limitations you subconsciously place on yourself.


Our root chakra is found at our feet and serves as a grounding connection to the Earth. Let’s pamper the very base of our physical bodies by scrubbing away the hard, dead skin as well as the stagnant energy that can accumulate.

Visualize scrubbing away passive, stagnant energy about your life in general or a particular situation. Then, wash it away leaving your feet primed and ready for a new outlook.

This solid scrub is water activated. Wet your feet and the solid scrub bar then get to work, adding more water as needed. Rinse your skin afterward. The scent of blueberry, thyme and peppermint are invigorating!


After scrubbing away the stagnant energy, replace it with an activating sensation. This cooling foot cream will nourish and stimulate!

Menthol and peppermint cool you to the core while a soft blueberry and thyme scent lingers on your skin. This formula is a favorite; rich and nourishing with a velvety smooth finish.

Massage into your feet and up your leg while thinking about the active optimism that is taking root.

I ASCEND LIMITATIONS Hydrating Face Cooler

We will take this activation all the way up to the top of our body to really make sure it is fully integrated.  On clean skin, gently roll the hydrating face cooler all over your face (avoiding direct contact with your eyes). Massage in and feel the cooling sensation.

Visualize your positive outcome and how you will actively and confidently move into it with ease.

This hydrating, cooling potion is a blend of hyaluronic acid to hydrate along with peppermint hydrosol and caffeine extract to perk up your skin and your mind!

I crafted this variation of our super popular hyaluronic acid serums to incorporate this activation all the way up to the crown chakra. This cooling face serum ties the whole activation together.


This rainbow hematite set reminds you of your active role in the positive outcome of the situations in your life. Rainbow Hematite is a very unique stone with magnetic properties and rainbow sheen set against a strong, black background.

It is connected with all the energy centers of your body and encourages confidence to transcend your own limitations. Use these magnetic stones to hold up your affirmation card, or something else that is motivating, somewhere you will see it regularly.

I hope you feel aligned and energized this month! Connect to the ground, to yourself and stand strong in confidence!

If you would like to invigorate your daily rituals this month, we have a couple of extra July Boxesavailable at the time of this writing, and a few extra items from this month's box listed in the Limited Edition Boutique.

Next month, we are celebrating that sun energy and inviting in abundance of the things that really matter! To get in on the August Box, subscribe to Create Magic Monthly Box here and look forward to your box the first week of August.

Angela Mayorga

Alchemist and Owner

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