July 18, 2022 3 min read

This time of year can be so full of living and moving and going, that we forget to slow down and make sure we remain grounded.Or, we can feel like we aren't doing "enough" if we maybe struggle to fill these long days with whatever it is we think we "should" be doing. Our energy can get out of whack if we let external forces dictate how we feel; espescially if we find ourselves being influenced too much by negativity.

The July Boxarrives just in time to give yourself a mid-summer pedicure to pamper and restore your feet and recharge your energy to the earth. The pedicure box was a favorite from last summer, so I put a new spin on it for our subscribers this month to help us get grounded and feel safe and protected!

The essential oil blend in this box is so refreshing; it's the perfect blend of crisp, herbal, earthy and sweet. It opens with spearmint and menthol and settles into a hint of patchouli softened and sweetened with vanilla.

Voices all around us speak up to instil doubt within; sometimes they are the voices of others and sometimes they are our own.

By grounding ourselves and building up our sheilds, we can transmute negativity, whether it’s from outside or within.

Acknowledge our shadow energies and how they speak negatively, break through old patterns that keep us in a self-sabatoge loop and build our shield against these negative forces to remember we are safe and protected.


In order to conquer our shadow energies, or that self-defeating voice within us, we must acknowledge its existence and recognize it only has as much power as we allow. Take some time to prepare your feet to ground to the earth by soaking them in the charcoal infused foot soak. As you soak and meditate on grounding down tot the earth, imagine that inner critic softening its tone as the skin on your soles softens.

Aesthetically, I LOVE how these salts turned out. The epsom salt blend is contrasted with the Hawaiin Black Salt for that striking resemblance to the tourmaline quartz (also included in the box). The cooling yet earthy, herbal scent of this soak really focuses the mind and body.


We develop patterns on how we internalize negativity. Negative self-talk, negative words from others, or negative situations either amplify in our minds or are diminished.

This bar serves to help focus on breaking down patterns that hold onto the negativity as you scrub the soles of your feet. After soaking your feet, use the scrub bar to scrub away dead skin and reveal the fresh skin underneath. This bar is water activated, so make sure your feet are wet.


To end this meditative practice, start building your shield against external foces. By staying grounded and in control of your internal voice, your shield will protect you from the whims of the environment around you. Massage in the foot cream to create a protective, nourishing barrier on your feet while the cooling effect mimics the feeling of digging your toes into the cool earth.

This cream is an absolute favorite! It is rich and decadent, but soaks in so nice leaving a soft, velvety feeling (totally not greasy!). I love the cooling effect of menthol, and the blend of spearmint, patchouli and vanilla in this blend is the perfect balance of herbal and earthy.

I AM PROTECTED Tourmaline Quartz Stone
Tourmaline Quartz is a clear quartz stone with black tourmaline inclusions. This harmony of light and dark crytals works to transmute negative energy into positive energy.

Keep this stone nearby while working through your foot care meditation and somewhere you can see it throughout your day.

This will remind you you are safe and protected and are strong enough to remain in your own power.

I hope you enjoyed the message in the July Box! If you're a subscriber, I'd love to hear how you used your box this month! At the time of this writing, we have a few extra boxes left if you'd like to treat your feet and re-ground yourself, and you can always subscribe to our Create Magic Monthly Box to receive a new theme every single month.

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