February 27, 2023 4 min read

I've heard the phrase "Grit & Grace" many times; I actually have a t-shirt from one of my favorite small businesses with the phrase emblazened across the front. The typical image that pops into mind with this phrase is a hardworking individual, usually a woman, who handles her business with a graceful demeanor. While this is a great vibe to present to the world, I wanted to explore this phrase more internally this month as we practice becoming our own biggest cheerleader.

The "grit" we want to acknowledge is the challenges that have presented themselves to us before and that will inevitably arise in the future. The "grace" we want to have, is for ourselves in times of disappointment.

We can all be our own worst critic, pointing out our shortcomings in our minds constantly. This month, though, let’s become our own best nurturer! The best type of nurture allows for both constructive encouragement to reach a little higher, while soothing when things don’t go exactly as planned.

This box contains tools to help us harness the energy of both grit and grace. Challenge yourself to grow and forge your inner spirit, while soothing your own heart in times of disappointment. Embody grace with yourself as you allow rest and relaxation when you need it, too.

This harmonious self love accepts you for who you are while knowing you are capable of rising to any challenge life may present.

The scent for this month is both a blend of bold and comfort with a sweet vanilla rounded out with a warm, heavy amber. Our star ingredient is a ceramide complex added into a new version of a subsciber favorite!

I FORGE MY SPIRIT Solid Body Scrub
Take note of when overly critical self-talk creeps up in your mind. Be aware of what triggers this and actively stop yourself from engaging. Use your solid scrub bar to literally scrub away these thoughts while you scrub away dead skin from your body and forge new ways of speaking to yourself.

I formulated this scrub bar to be extra sturdy to really encourage that physical and mental exfoliation of all the things that do not serve us. Getting a handle on critical self-talk is difficult, espescially if it has been a habit for the majority of your life.

The solid scrub bar is activated with water, use while in the shower or bath on skin from the neck down. Rinse off with warm water.

I SOOTHE MY HEART Solid Body Lotion
While we can push ourselves to conquer new challenges, or reframe our thoughts (like that overly critical voice), sometimes we fall short of what we had hoped. It’s ok. We can tap into our self-soothing voice and be there for ourselves. Use your solid body lotion to both massage your skin and nourish it with the velvety cream.

The scent profile for this lotion was carefully considered. I wanted it to be something that was both grounding and uplifting. The warm amber notes feel strong and powerful while the vanilla is nostalgic and comforting.

This bar is water activated, so either use while skin is still wet from your shower or bath, or run under warm water to activate the lotion.

I EMBODY GRACE Gel Cream Facial Moisturizer
Show grace to yourself through the ups and downs. Know when it’s time to relax and recharge. On a clean face, apply a dab of this cool, gel moisturizer to your skin and feel the nourishment soak in. This moisturizer is packed with skin loving ingredients: the hyaluronic acid is a luxurious humectant that hydrates and plumps our skin, along with a ceramide complex that supports the skin to be its very best self by helping to rejuvenate and strengthen. Add to that the decadent vanilla hydrosol, and this is grace in a jar.

This formulation is a new version of one of our subscriber favorites. I've made a few variations of a hyaluronic acid facial serum, but they have been of a thinner consistency. The texture of this gel cream is very interesting. It is a thick, homogenous gel in the jar, becomes more liquidy as you scoop a little out on your finger, then becomes a light, hydrating cream as you massage it into your skin. It's reminiscent of all the forms we can take, and a reminder to remain fluid and content with wherever you are right now.

The ceramide complex is an ingredient I have wanted to include for a while. Ceramides are an important part of your skin cells responsible for holding it all together and keeping in moisture. Adding a ceramide coplex into this hyaluronic gel cream helps your skin repair itself! What a perfect ingredient to include while we become our own nurturer!


Lepidolite is an amazing mineral with a high lithium content and is known for
encouraging emotional balance and inner peace. It’s shimmery, lavender hue is so soothing and nurturing. Keep this one nearby to remind you of this balance we seek between grit and grace to become the best nurturer to ourselves.

This month's crystal and affirmation are on a sticker so you can display it prominently to remind you of the lessons for this month.

I hope you enjoyed the message of this box! If you feel like the February Boxcould add a little something to your life right now, I have a couple left at the time of this writing.

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