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Baths: An Integral Component of a Self Care Ritual

My bathroom is my sanctuary. It is the only door that, when closed, is not disrespected. I take my bath time seriously, whether it is early in preparation for the day or in the evening after everything settles down. Sometimes, there might be an afternoon session or any combination of the two (I do live a very active lifestyle, sometimes multiple baths are necessary). I can count on one hand how many showers I have taken in the last 7 years, in fact, my bathroom doesn't even have a shower. I view my daily grooming ritual as a very important investment mentally and physically. 

If you are looking for a quick way to infuse more mindfulness into your self care routine, I suggest replacing at least a few of your showers a week with a bath. I clearly have a bias, but here are 5 fantastic reasons to make bath time a necessity:

1. Baths force you to slow down and focus on yourself

We all have full schedules with many things pulling on our minds. If you're the creative type, your mind is always going. ALWAYS. By making the time to draw a bath and commit the next 20 minutes-ish to care for your body, you have time to slow down and process what is in store for the day, or to reflect on what has happened (depending on what time of day you choose to practice).

2. Baths can be your personal fountain of youth.

We know that stress, both mental and physical, can manifest in many ways including weight gain and signs of aging due to increased levels of the hormone, cortisol. Comfortably warm baths can lower levels of this aging hormone, helping to keep your skin youthful.

3. Baths allow for customization

Depending on what kind of care your body needs, you can add different enhancements to your bath. Sore feet and back? Epsom salts or, my favorite, magnesium flakes are a great way to replenish your body of vital minerals and nutrients. Dry skin? Bath oils, bath bombs or a portion of our Gemstone Luxury Sparkling Bath Mine (which is a creamy blend of the two) will soften your whole body. Add your favorite essential oil blend (mixed with a carrier oil of course) to cater to your particular needs for the day.


4. Baths improve your mood

Something about being horizontal and almost totally submerged tends to bring about a calming, centering vibe. Studies have suggested that this is due to its association to being in the womb, a primal secure feeling that we've all experienced. Anecdotally, I can attest to always feeling better after a bath. Even if it's only slightly after a very painful experience, every single time I've taken a bath it has left me at a higher level. I think that is definitely worth taking the time to tap into.

5. Baths are very cleansing

Contrary to some opinions on baths, I believe there is ample evidence to show that it is an extremely cleansing method of washing onself. Our skin absorbs dirt and toxins from our environment, it is not just the surface of our porous bodies that needs cleaning. Showers are like rinsing off, and I guess I can see how they suffice sometimes, but there's just nothing like the deep clean of a nice warm soak. The heat and steam from the bath open up the pores and eliminates the days grime from within. My husband is a former sheep shearer. I don't know if you can imagine how dirty a man is after a day wrestling muddy sheep in the valley, shearing their wool while they flail and kick about. Pretty dirty. He bathed every day after work (using primarily the Silver Mine and Obsidian Warrior) and he rarely got the wool boils that plagued his coworkers legs and arms. His skin was impeccable despite the dirt and grime he absorbed every day.


Let me know what your bath time ritual looks like. Are you taking the time to connect with yourself through regular self care?