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August is such a bright month! The sun is shining and we get one last full month of Summer energy. I often think of August as the beginning of the rest of the year. The sun is so energizing and I use this time to set my intentions for the Fall and Winter months before the days start to get noticeably shorter.

This month's Create Magic Monthly Box was crafted around this idea: It's an invitation for fullness and abundance in our lives. This idea of abundance goes beyond that of financial bounty and extends to the abstract forms of abundance that really matter!

The scent profile for this box is an uplifting, herbal blend of blood orange and ylang ylang. I combined a dose of herbalism with modern chemistry to create the mix of products that centers around this theme.

When we think about abundance, we usually think of an overflowing state of financial bounty. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with striving for financial abundance, it is important to recognize there is so much more to living a fulfilled life than material wealth. This month, let’s open our hearts to bright light and embrace an abundance of light, love and creativity to help us live a life of fulfillment. Living to the fullest opens doors to opportunities and endeavors we may have never even dreamt of before.
Invite the light to permeate every corner of your heart and spark the flame of joy and love. This spark just may ignite something inside you
that has been laying dormant!

I INVITE LIGHT Solid Face Cleansing Scrub

Exfoliate dead skin away and let the light kiss our skin! This solid face cleansing scrub softly cleanses skin while providing a mild exfoliation with ground amber resin. The uplifting scent of ylang ylang and orange will lift your mood!

The Solid Face Cleansing Scrub comes in three mini bars so you can easily use one at a time while keeping the rest fresh. I recommend exfoliating once or twice a week at most.

This formulation is a combination of our popular face cleansing bar with the amber resin to produce a creamy lather with the exfoliation.

I EMBRACE JOY Facial Toner

A joyful heart is an open heart! On freshly cleansed skin, use a cotton swab or cloth to swipe a dose of this toner across your face. Yarrow infused witch hazel gives this toner a healing touch to help rejuvenate and calm, ylang ylang hydrosol balances, and blood orange hydrosol uplifts the skin and heart.

I began this formulation back in June of this year! The first step to making this toner was to infuse the witch hazel with yarrow. I let it steep in the dark for 6 weeks before straining and adding in the ylang ylang and blood orange hydrosols. Even though I strained the mixture a few times, there is still a tiny bit of plant sediment in each bottle. This is totally normal!

Take a deep breath and connect with your youth! Explore thoughts and ideas that are outside of your normal day to day routine. Feel the unique texture of this gel cream as you smooth it across your face. This moisturizer is packed with skin loving ingredients: the hyaluronic acid is a luxurious humectant that hydrates and plumps our skin, along with a ceramide complex that supports the skin to be its very best self by helping to rejuvenate and strengthen.

This hydrating gel cream is a subscriber favorite! I made a lot of extras this time, as it started to be requested by subscribers shortly after its last appearance in the February Box of this year. I will admit, this is my personal favorite hyaluronic acid serum I have ever made, and I use it every single day.

Orgonite with Yellow Quartz and Copper
Orgonite is made with a resin, combining the properties of crystals and metals for high amplification. This pyramid is made with yellow quartz chips and copper to really enhance your light, love and creativity! Place this orgonite pyramid somewhere you will see it throughout the month and imagine light flooding into your environment.


August was also the very first edition of our new Monthly Magic Subscriptions: Soap Magic Monthly!

This month's Soap Magic Monthly featured a very uplifting, citrusy blend of lemon, lily, sugar & mint. The Soap Magic Monthly comes with the exclusive bar of soap, the Monthly affirmation card, and a piece of artwork with the affirmation. For our very first edition, subscribers also recieved a personal message from me in a wax sealed envelope to commemorate the first month!

We sold out of the Soap Magic Monthly for August, so we've added a few extra spots for September! The September Soap Magic Monthlyis now available to sign up for on its own or as an addition to the Create Magic Monthly Box!

If you would like to invite light, love and creativity into your daily rituals this month, we have a couple of extra August Boxesavailable at the time of this writing, and a few extra items from this month's box listed in the Limited Edition Boutique.

Next month, we are getting in touch with our intuition through our dreams! To get in on the September Box, subscribe to Create Magic Monthly Box here and look forward to your box the first week of September.

Angela Mayorga

Alchemist and Owner

Silver Stone Apothecary

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