April 26, 2022 3 min read

In April, we've been focusing on waking up to the world around us. Much like the first sprouts of the season, that have been sleeping dormant throughout the winter, we can become stagnant in our daily routines. It's time to awaken and push through to become what we are meant to be.

Wordly matters can pull us into a trance- technically living and moving, but asleep to our true purpose. We get trapped in the monotony of our daily to-dos and push back our real goals to some distant place in the future when we "have time". 

By igniting that inner fire we burn bright to light our own path toward what we really want from this life. That flame will illuminate unclear circumstances and encourage decisive action. We can call on that fire to provide courage to take risks that can reconnect ourselves to our purpose.

This month's items were formulated to encourage that spark, that push to get us moving. The deep reddish orange color embodies that flame and is represented with sea buckthorn oil and orange essential oil. Both of these ingredients are uplifting and intense!


I Manifest Through Action Bi-Phase Hair Serum

Waiting for things to happen to change your circumstances is a trap. We make changes by taking action. Instead of waiting for the “right” time, start moving in the direction you want to go. Manifesting doesn't happen on its own; it happens when we are taking the necessary actions to create our reality. If you have a habit of hesitation, count down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, then take action!

Shake this nutrient dense hair serum to combine the layers, then smooth it through your hair to take control of the day.

I Act on Possibilities Lip Gloss

Staying exactly where you are is comfortable; even if it’s not. We can be risk-averse, but that closes the door to our possibilities. Summon your courage, take the risk and either succeed, or learn something new. Spread a coat of this rich gloss on your lips and seize a possibility.

I used the phrase "act on possibilities" as a positive form of "take that risk". The word "risk" can have a negative connotation because we have been conditioned to think of what we can lose by taking the risk. When we are talking about personal growth, and reaching for our goals, however, taking that risk is what will lead to gain! So, if we think of acting on the possibilities, it reframes the action as something that can lead to a positive outcome rather than a negative.

I AM FULFILLED Reflection Set
Take pleasure in your every day life and feel grounded in your surroundings. This kit will help you take moments in your day to balance the elements of fire and earth.

  • Essential Oil Blend: Bright orange, uplifting ylang-ylang and a hint of grounding patchouli ignites your senses.
  • Lava Stone: This porous stone is born of both fire and earth and brings your energy and vitality to the earthly plane. Put a few drops of your essential oil blend onto the surface of the stone to gently diffuse the scent in your surroundings.
  • Fire Agate: This stone represents your spiritual flame. Use it in your reflection to ignite your fire.

This month's box comes with TWO crystals! And the essential oil blend is such a great addition to your personal space. Subscribers have been setting their lava stone on top of their collection of crystals and dropping the blend onto it to revel in this grounding yet fiery scent.

I hope you enjoyed the message in the April Box! If you're a subscriber, I'd love to hear how you used your box this month! At the time of this writing, we have a few extra boxes left if you'd like to dive deep into working on your own harmony, and you can always subscribe to our Create Magic Monthly Box to receive a new theme every single month.

Take care,

Angela Mayorga

Alchemist and Owner

Silver Stone Apothecary

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